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Frequently Asked Questions

e-Ticket Receipt

QAre we required to print and bring a copy of E-ticket receipt?

AnswerYou may go on board without bringing a copy of your E-ticket, for your boarding pass is securely kept and managed by each airline. However, it is strongly suggested that you print and bring your copy, avoiding any troubles upon immigration checks at a destination country or upon checking in at the counter on your way back.

QE-ticket receipt cannot be displayed although ticket has been issued.

AnswerAfter reissuing a ticket due to changes in your itinerary, E-ticket may not be displayed correctly on rare occasion. If that is the case, please contact your travel angecy. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Q"Terminal [W]" <-- What is an alphabet or a number displayed inside the brlacket for?

AnswerIt indicates terminal information of each airport provided by OAG (UBM Aviation Worldwide Limited).

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