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Privacy Policy

Travelport Japan K. K. ('We') provide the following policies regarding protection of personal information of visitors to this website 'TRAVEL TOOL+ my trip+' (this 'Website').

1. Policy of Protection of Personal Information

We have assigned a chief administrator in the relevant department that handles personal information of all visitors to this Website. The relevant department will properly control such personal information.
We follow and respect the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other related regulations.
We prevent and redress unauthorized access to any personal information, as well as the loss, destruction, manipulation, and leakage of any personal information.
We will not disclose any personal information registered by you ('Registered Personal Information'), other than to third parties with respect to whom you give your consent.

2. Purpose of Use of Personal Information

The purposes for using personal information are stated in each page on this Website in which you register your relevant personal information.
We will not use Registered Personal Information otherwise than for such purposes.

3. Personal Information Management

We are carrying out stringent data management in order not to lose or destroy Registered Personal Information.

4. Revision of Personal Information

If you request to disclose Registered Personal Information, we will disclose it. If you inform us that Registered Personal Information is inaccurate, etc., we will also make changes, revisions, or deletions of any Registered Personal Information, etc., as appropriate, after we review your request. Some products or services may not be available once Registered Personal Information is deleted from our registry.

5. Use of Cookies

This Website uses cookies on some pages.
Cookies are used so that you can use the contents of this Website more conveniently when you revisit this Website, and cookies do not compromise your privacy. You have the option to reject receiving such cookies by adjusting your browser settings, which may result in not being able to use our services in whole or in part.

6. SSL

We protect your personal information by using SSL (Secure Socket Layer: a standard security technology for information being encrypted upon transmission through the internet) when your personal information is transmitted from this Website.

We are not responsible for the protection of your personal information in any third-party websites linked to this Website.
We review the policies stated above from time to time and may make revisions. We will inform you of any revisions on this page.