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QWhat is My Trip+?

AnswerMy Trip+ is an website which enables travelers to check itinerary, select a seat, check in online, print E-ticket receipt, and register mileage number. After logging into the page by entering the 'Reservation Number' and last name properly, you have the option to use these added values.

QI would like to check an itinerary of my companion who has a different 'reservation number' as I do, after logging into my itinerary page.

AnswerWe're afraid that you will need to go back to the top page by clicking on 'Log Out' icon located on the top right and log in again with the new log in information.

QMy friend is not able to log into My Trip+ though he bought a flight ticket at the same agency with the same itinerary as I did.

AnswerPlease double check your reservation number and verify the spelling on your name. Please avoid making a common mistake where you put 0 (zero) when you need to put O (alphabet) and vise versa. Also, please double check to see if there is an unnecessary space before your reservation number or name. Please note that there are cases where travelers are not able to use My Trip+ depending on the type of flight tickets. In such cases, please kindly contact your travel agency.

QAfter clicking on 'Seat Number', the screen turns dim and nothing happens...

AnswerIt might be because it is taking time to confirm your reservation or there is a congestion on the server, thus causing the screen to freeze. If this happens, please go back to the prior screen and try again.

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