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Terms and Conditions

Travelport Japan K. K. ('We') provides this website 'TRAVEL TOOL+ my trip+' (this 'Website') subject to the following terms and conditions of use ('Terms'). Before using this Website, you must read and agree to the Terms.

1. Privacy Policy

We properly handle your personal information, in accordance with our Privacy Policy. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

2. Copyright

  1. Copyrights and other rights regarding all contents or other materials on this Website, including text, photographs, images and programs, etc., are retained by us or third parties who authorize us to use such rights ('Vendors'). You may not use (including duplicate, falsify and distribute) any contents or other materials on this Website without our or the Vendors' consent, beyond the extent of private use permitted by law, etc.
  2. In the event that we send you an e-mail, you agree that we reserve the copyright of the contents of such e-mail, and you may not convert or reprint such content without our consent.
  3. You agree that with respect to all information you provide to us by your survey response or application through this Website, we reserve the right to use or secondarily use such information except to the extent related to personal information, without notifying you.

3. Trademark

Any trademarks or service marks appearing on this Website are retained by us or the Vendors, and you may not use such trademarks or service marks without our or the Vendors' consent.

4. Links To Other Websites

Third-party websites that contain links to this Website or to which this Website contains links (the "Linked Sites" ) are managed or administered under the responsibility of each Linked Site. You must use the Linked Sites by following terms of use of the Linked Sites, which are posted in the Linked Sites.
We are not responsible for any damages caused by any content found in any Linked Sites or by using such Linked Sites.

5. Disclaimer

  1. We provide and manage all information on this Website in a prudent manner, but we do not guarantee such information's accuracy or completeness or in any way.
  2. We reserve the right, without giving any prior notice, to cease or stop the operation of this Website or to make any changes to the information posted on this Website in whole or part, in the event we need to temporarily stop providing information on this Website due to system maintenance/failure or natural disaster, such as fire, blackout, earthquake, etc., or due to other operational or technical issues.
  3. You agree that we are not responsible for any damages caused by using or being unable to use this Website for any reason, or caused by a third party's data writing, unauthorized access, posting, and transmission of emails (including damages caused by trouble with other customers).

6. Environment

The following environments are recommended for using this Website. If otherwise used, or depending on your browser settings even under the following environments, you may experience an improper display of the contents.

  1. This Website has been tested under the following environments. Operate on personal computers that carry Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, and above OS:
    1. Internet Explorer 7.x
    2. Internet Explorer 8.x
    3. Firefox 3.x
    4. Safari4.x
    Operate on personal computers that carry Apple Mac OS 10.5 and above:
    1. Safari4.x
    2. Firefox 3.x
    Please be aware that there might be a case where some parts of the content do not properly display under the other environments.
  2. JavaScript and CSS

    The use of this Website is based on the premise that your browser is set as follows:
    1. Java is enabled
    2. JavaScript is enabled.
    3. Style sheet is enabled.
    In case the contents do not properly display, please check the above settings of your browser.
  3. Use of Cookies

    This Website uses a system referred to as 'cookies' on some pages. Cookies are a system that stores on your computer the information that you have visited this Website. We use cookies only for the purpose of providing better service to you on this Website, and cookies do not contain any kind of personal information that identifies who you are.
    You can cancel cookies by your browser settings. However, please note that some parts of our services will not function properly or will not be provided if you cancel cookies.
  4. SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

    SSL is a standard security technology for information being encrypted upon transmission through the internet.
    This Website has adopted SSL so that we can protect, through encryption, any information that you input from being intercepted.
  5. Access Logs

    We collect your information upon visit to this Website, as an access log. An access log contains your domain name, IP address, date of access, file names, the URL that is linked to this Website, browser name, OS type, and other information. This access log is used for statistical analysis of the use of this Website and service improvement, and for investigation of system failures and unauthorized access. We may outsource these operations (measurement, analysis, and investigation) to any third-party vendors.