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QWhat is My Trip+?

AnswerMy Trip+ is an website which enables travelers to check itinerary, select a seat, check in online, print E-ticket receipt, and register mileage number. After logging into the page by entering the 'Reservation Number' and last name properly, you have the option to use these added values.

QI would like to check an itinerary of my companion who has a different 'reservation number' as I do, after logging into my itinerary page.

AnswerWe're afraid that you will need to go back to the top page by clicking on 'Log Out' icon located on the top right and log in again with the new log in information.

QMy friend is not able to log into My Trip+ though he bought a flight ticket at the same agency with the same itinerary as I did.

AnswerPlease double check your reservation number and verify the spelling on your name. Please avoid making a common mistake where you put 0 (zero) when you need to put O (alphabet) and vise versa. Also, please double check to see if there is an unnecessary space before your reservation number or name. Please note that there are cases where travelers are not able to use My Trip+ depending on the type of flight tickets. In such cases, please kindly contact your travel agency.



QMy name is spelled out differently in My Trip+ versus how it is spelled in my passport.

AnswerTraveler's name is displayed in My Trip+ just as it has been entered into the reservation system upon booking a flight. If it is different from what is shown in your passport, in worst cases you may be denied boarding. Please contact your travel agent immediately.

QI cannot see the itinerary of my travel companion from my reservation page.

AnswerWe manage itineraries per booking record. If your companion has his own booking record, you need to log into his record by entering his 'reservation number' from top page.


QI am not sure if online check in is available to my itinerary...

AnswerOnline check in is available on My Trip+ 24 hours prior to departure. 'Online Check-In' icon appears under the Flight Information tab if the airline provides online check in services. If the icon does not appear on the screen, that means the airlines does not support online check in.

QI was forwarded to the English page after clicking on 'Online Check-In' icon...

AnswerBy clicking on 'Online Check-In' icon, you will be linked to the appropriate airline's website prompting you to take necessary check in procedures. Some airlines may only provide you page in English.

Q"Terminal [W]" <-- What is an alphabet or a number displayed inside the brlacket for?

AnswerIt indicates terminal information of each airport provided by OAG (UBM Aviation Worldwide Limited).

Frequent Traveler Number(s)

QI recently became a mileage member and cannot register my mileage number on My Trip+.

AnswerSome airlines may take certain amount of days to get customers' information registered into their system. If you have plenty of time until departure date, please wait for about a week from the time that you became a mileage member and try again. In case you do not have enough time, please contact your travel agency.

QI have booked several flights on different airlines, and I would like to register my mileage numbers for each airline...

AnswerUnfortunately My Trip+ does not support registering of multiple airlines' mileage numbers. Please contact your travel agency. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Seat Assignment

QAfter selecting a seat on 'Seat Assignment' screen, it turns "Unable to Select" on the next page. Why?

AnswerThis would happen depending on: whether or not the ticket has been issued, booking classes, the period where seat selection is available, types of aircraft, with or without code-share, mileage qualification, and for certain other reasons of airlines. If one of the above applies, you may see a message "Unable to Select", after clicking on 'Seat Assignment'.

QI am not able to select a seat for a code-share flight.

AnswerThere is a known issue where seat assignment does not work due to system limitations between the marketing airline and the actual operating airline. Even if you are able to select a seat by clicking on an icon, it might be rejected on the next screen as "Unable to Select".

QAm I able to change my seat selection?

AnswerYes, you are. However, please be advised that it may take a while for certain airlines to respond to your change request. When you see the message 'Requesting' after making a change, please reloa" your browser and try again or start it again from log in page. Also, it may be possible that you receive a response from airlines saying "We are not able to satisfy your request."


e-Ticket Receipt

QAre we required to print and bring a copy of E-ticket receipt?

AnswerYou may go on board without bringing a copy of your E-ticket, for your boarding pass is securely kept and managed by each airline. However, it is strongly suggested that you print and bring your copy, avoiding any troubles upon immigration checks at a destination country or upon checking in at the counter on your way back.

QE-ticket receipt cannot be displayed although ticket has been issued.

AnswerAfter reissuing a ticket due to changes in your itinerary, E-ticket may not be displayed correctly on rare occasion. If that is the case, please contact your travel angecy. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Q"Terminal [W]" <-- What is an alphabet or a number displayed inside the brlacket for?

AnswerIt indicates terminal information of each airport provided by OAG (UBM Aviation Worldwide Limited).

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